Upper Level Management at Los Ocampo expects the following for this role.
Office Administrator
The office administrator is friendly, intelligent and personable. He or she will need to arrive on time every morning and have an agenda of what to accomplish. He or she is the person in charge of responding to customers needs such as caterings, customer service, accounts payable and any other claims that arise.

​Duties for the office administrator include:

  • Receiving and inputting invoices in Quickbooks and keeping them updated.
  • Paying invoices on time and mistake free.
  • Communicating effectively with employees and managers to complete necessary tasks.
  • Receiving and inputting new employee information into the payroll system.
  • Assigning clock in ID's to new employees.
  • Making sure to double check hours of employees for payroll.
  • Answering and responding to emails in a timely manner.
  • Speaking to potential customers about catering orders and answering any questions they might have.
  • Making quotes and sending them to the customers.
  • Sending the quotes to the correct restaurant location once they are approved by the customer.
  • Talking to management about which servers to send if the caterings require servers.
  • Keep track of inventory at headquarters.

Office Administrator Qualifying Skills:
Team Member, Responds to Constructive Criticism, Understands Customer Service, Self-Motivated, High Energy Level, Ability to Multi-task, Demonstrates Verbal and Nonverbal Communication, Can Handle Stressful Situations, Intelligent, People Person, Technology Able